I just want my phone call.

25th October 2012

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Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Long story short, I’m turning into Hank Moody. For better or for worse. I’m not complaining. I’m totally in the moment and somehow content with everything, yet deep down I yearn for something more. For now I bide my time and enjoy the ride we call life. It’s all we can do so we might as well have fun doing it!

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25th October 2012

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8th September 2012

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Careful what you wish for

A month ago I wished for a girl that wouldn’t give it up on the third date. I wanted a girl that would make me work for it. My wish was granted. They say be careful what you wish for…

I only enjoy the chase. The thrill will be gone as soon as the chase is complete. That’s what always happens. It’s in my nature. I’m a Gemini. I flit from project to project because they all bore me. There is only one that can hold the thrill after there is nothing left to chase, and that one is not to be right now. 

Is this serious/long term relationship stuff what I really want? Or have I just convinced myself that that is what I want because it sounds like the right thing? Shall I take the risk of breaking another heart or let the prey escape unscathed? 

Time will tell..

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1st July 2012

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1st July 2012

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July be good to me.

6th June 2012


I will defend my close friends until I am on the ground unconscious, so be careful who you mess with. 

6th June 2012

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Fuck Yea[h] NBA: The World is Rarely Ever This True →


Under a minute to play in a pivotal game 5 on the road. You’re up one point, but the Heat’s defense hasn’t offered a clean look at the basket in a while. You decide to softly step back and take a 3-pointer over one of the best and most athletic defenders in the history of the NBA. The ball barely…

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4th June 2012

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Someone takes trash bag out of can in kitchen. 

Dog gets into bag.

Used condom is one of the items that falls out of said bag.

That is one mess that I will NOT clean up. 

Put that shit in your bathroom or bedroom garbage, not the kitchen!


Absolutely disgusting.

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30th May 2012


Despite the tone of that last post, I’m actually in a very good spot in life right now. I feel happier and freer now than I have in over a year. Things are looking so up for me right now. I’m in bartending school right now and contemplating a move to the beach to bartend and live the simple life. At the very least I’ll stick around here in the hometown and roll in the dough. 

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30th May 2012

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You ladies are full of it

I always see in so many girls favorite quotes on their facebooks and whatnot that “if you want me at my best you have to be able to handle me at my worst”. I’m going to go ahead and call you girls out right now. I’ve endured one or two of you at your worst and put way more in than i ever got back and never complained about it, but you girls always just end up thinking the guy that does put up with all of that is fucking nuts and write him off. Apparently we were nuts for making the attempt to handle you at your best and expect you to remember that when you’re back up. So ladies, please, lets cut the bull and stop the stupid quotes. At least take them off your fb profiles and shit. ;) 

And ladies, don’t worry. You’re still the most beautiful creatures on the planet, just perhaps not the most honest. haha

That is my rant/soapbox speech of the day. Boom. Roasted. Thank you. Goodnight!

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